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Welcome to Sound Off - FREE Macintosh Entourage or Outlook Soundsets

"Audio Skins" for Entourage 2004, Outlook, Entourage X, or Outlook Express for the Macintosh

Installing Notes: IF you have a "Microsoft User Data" folder inside your Applications folder OR your Documents folder, you'll need to place your Soundsets inside the Sound sets folder you'll find inside. If you don't find a "Microsoft User Data" folder in your Applications or Home Documents folder then place them in the Sound sets folder in the Applications' own folder.

Most files Compressed with Stuffit Version 5 -
Earlier Versions of Stuffit Expander can't unstuff them.

Now that I know these can Also be used for Entourage 2004 on the Mac I'll be adding the "Notification" alert sound to all of these Soundsets as soon as I can !

(I'm going to fix some of these up).

My Thanks to Brian Landers Who Maintains Sound Set Central, And to Erik J. Barzeski, the Creator of Sound Set Central and a True "Apple Wizard", without Whose Help this Page would NOT Exist!
When you are finished here PLEASE Be Sure to Visit the Master Collection Brian And Erik Have at Sound Set Central!
If you'd Like to Make your Own Outlook or Entourage soundsets please Download Expression v.X !!

More Updated Sets to Follow... Keep checking Back

Last Updated: Oct 27th, 2004

Copyright © 2004, by Carl McCall

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